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3010 Greatwood Crossing, Alpharetta, GA 30005, USA

At SixStones Group, we understand the next generation workforce, how they think, and how they learn.

We understand the need for a new approach and your frustration with training methods that no longer work and the money you spent on them.

Our Solutions SSG offers a one-stop shop for engaging and integrated learning environments. We help companies develop and revamp training programs through effective technological integration so your program can run efficiently, effectively and nearly effortlessly. We have a 4-step process to developing a comprehensive continuum of learning to guide your employee development that we call ``The 4 I's``.


We conduct an in-depth analysis of your current training processes and needs so that we have a full understanding of your current capabilities, results, frustrations, preferences, and goals.

Insightful Recommendations

We then apply our knowledge of the Next Generation workforce to provide insightful solutions that will work for your business.

Implementation of
Customized Solutions

Considering your business and employee specifics, we determine the best ways to integrate our custom solutions with your existing assets. We understand that the use of technology is key in training the next generation workforce.

Information Reporting

We also provide monitoring, personal evaluations, and detailed reporting so you and your managers are armed with the feedback and data necessary to individualize learning for their team members.

Join The Revolution

Set your business apart when it comes to embracing the power of your workforce through modernized skills development.

Consultative Business Solutions

Determining what areas to focus your talent development resources can be confusing and exhausting.  At SixStones Group, we can help your organization determine the right mix of analysis, tools and processes to develop your number one resources, your employees while utilizing assets and resources you may already have.

Technological Solutions & Modern Learning

The next generation learns through technology. They prefer to learn on their own, rather than in a classroom setting. Computers, smart phones, tablets, etc. are now an integrated part of our society. Knowing how the next generation workforce learns and knowing how to adapt your training to be effective can be difficult. SixStones Group understands that the next generation prefers a personal, individualized approach; enjoys competition; and are accustomed to interactive gameplay. We can help your business apply that knowledge in ways that will work for you.

Our Goal

Our goal is to help your business succeed through helping you grow your #1 capital resource… your employees. Making them the best they can be through creating exceptional learning experiences that make learning and development relevant to them, the individual corporate learner, in ways that will give you a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Why Us?

We can understand the next generation. We understand your frustrations. We can integrate with your existing programs and modernize them to be more effective with the upcoming workforce.