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Consulting Services Your business is distinctive. The skills your corporate teams need to make your business succeed differ from those needed in any other company. Don't try to train your employees using a pre-packaged content system. Work with us to produce customized instructional material, tailored to your business' needs.

Instructional Design

Perhaps you need to revisit your entire training library. Or maybe you’re considering a new business model or approach, and you need an entirely new development program.

Our instructional designers can customize an entire training system for your business. From course material to assessments, you’ll get it all with our instructional design service.


Customized Coursework

If your training program is largely set, but you’ve discovered a hole in your existing curriculum, we can help fill it. Whether you require one course or many, we can design and prepare this coursework for you.

Work with us to develop your coursework. You’ll not only reap the benefits of our expertise, you’ll also avoid tying up some of your valuable employees in creating the material in-house or spending an excessive amount of time searching for a solution.

Coursework Auditing

If you’re existing courses aren’t yielding the results you hoped, it may be time to revisit them. Allow us to conduct an audit of your existing coursework to determine how these valuable asset might be redeployed.

Our team of experts can help you pinpoint your areas of strength and weakness. With this audit, you can ensure that any modifications you do make are ultimately more focused and effective.


Gamification Courses

Your training doesn’t have to be boring. If your sales teams have long lamented the quality of your training, allow us to enhance it.

Through gamification, the process of adding game-related elements to your coursework, we can increase your team’s intrinsic motivation to attend further their learning. Selecting gamification could have a secondary positive effect, boosting employee morale.

Join The Revolution

Set your business apart when it comes to embracing the power of your workforce through modernized skills development.