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A Modern Approach To Employee Development SixStones Group was born out of the need to improve the way training was being designed and delivered. In working with several pharmaceutical and retail companies, our co-founders discovered that existing consulting firms were providing effective solutions that were tailored for individual businesses or using the technology-rich training solutions required for sustained success in the modern age.

Early in our development, it became clear that two things were crucial in designing effective training.

1. Analytical Data

First, it’s vital that we consult analytical data. By gathering and engaging with data, we can develop a targeted approach, designing training tailored to your business’ needs.

2. Individual Learner’s Needs

Second, it’s absolutely necessary to focus on individual learner’s needs. To do this, we developed a multi-platform approach to engaging and educating all corporate learners.


Learning Can Be Fun!

At SixStones Group, we believe that learning can be fun, informative and engaging. Training should not be something that employees dread. Time should not be wasted with ineffective training sessions that leave employees no better informed, just more frustrated.

We understand that businesses invest a substantial amount of capital in training, and for this money, they want results. It is our continued goal to ensure that businesses receive a consistent return on their investments in their long-term, development.

Join The Revolution

Set your business apart when it comes to embracing the power of your workforce through modernized skills development.