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Talent Assessment A key to any business’ success starts with developing your biggest asset, your employees.
At SixStones Group, we can help develop Leadership Development Programs designed specifically around your current and future business models. This client proven approach ensures a methodical approach toward building your leadership bench talent.

Goals-Focused Support

Your business has distinctive goals, and we can help you reach them. At SixStones Group, we can assist in designing talent development programs that align to your business’ objectives.

Leadership Assessment

Assessing leadership potential is often more than 360 peer reviews, 9-box discussions and panel interviews. There are times when you need to fill in those missing pieces with additional analytical data.

With SixStones Group, all of our products and services are designed to compliment your current leadership development programs so that you can have a complete view of your leadership bench. As we work with you to refine or develop your leadership assessment programs, we can deploy various tools and programs to give you the information you need when making leadership talent decisions.

A Technological Approach

If your current talent selection process is decidedly low-tech, we can help remedy that. With our scalable analytical and behavioral based solutions, you can use those data endpoints to help you gain additional insights regarding your managerial bench. Additionally, by utilizing SixStones Group’s suite of tools and services, we can design development programs that ensures that your leadership bench continues to develop those critical managerial competencies that are unique to your organization.


Join The Revolution

Set your business apart when it comes to embracing the power of your workforce through modernized skills development.